Rough Diamonds

A rough diamond

We manufacture our diamonds in a highly specialized polishing center in Surat, India. We are the first diamond jewelry manufacturer in South India to import rough diamonds via the Kimberly Process.

We specialize in rough diamond sourcing and we follow the highest industry standards. Our diamond is the result of a close collaboration between nature and man: after nature provides the raw material, our craftsmen use their skill and sheer love for their work to produce a stone expertly cut and polished to reveal its brilliance. All rough diamonds are studies in potential. Our job is to make the absolute most of that potential.

Our diamonds are 100% traceable. Why would you ever let something so beautiful out of your sight? Our factory has been designed and built so we can offer our customers a process that’s completely traceable, from start to finish, for each and every stone.
Our manufacturing is scrupulously monitored by internal systems that record everything from the moment we receive the rough diamonds. 

Rough diamonds on display