Partnerships for Diamond Jewelry – Objective is to reach our jewelry to the (where ever situated client) at the lowest cost addition, thereby creating value for money for the client.

Since 1996 our strategic partnerships have been transforming and improving the delivery of our goods at the Local level across the world – Pan India and Abroad.

We are currently involved in four such partnerships, many of them offering a full range of technical professional services to the discerning clientele as well as the broader private sector diamond jewelry market.

Of course, there is no 'one size fits all' solution. We develop and implement bespoke partnerships that establish a solid foundation through trust, commitment, openness, honesty, clear governance structures and realistic planning.

The central theme within our partnerships is growth. We are able to take referred local people with tremendous potential and provide them with tailored training and personal development plans which enable them to further develop their skills and seamlessly transfer them to the clientele. Subsequently, we are not only able to greatly enhance and improve the delivery of merchandise locally, we are also able to grow highly successful standalone businesses.

Our partnership with Rekha Inc, US is a key example. What began in 2001 as a relatively small partnership has grown into a 60-strong client force, an amazing commercial business in its own right. Comprising services such as design selection, size finalisations, technical support and pricing details and finally the order closing and delivery of the product, the partnership has also improved local services and delivered annual savings to the entire cycle of the transaction, thereby saving for the clientele.